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2011 - LEDs Ablaze at Living Lights Event in Westminister's Butterfly Pavilion

2011 - LEDs ablaze at Living Lights Event in Westminister's Butterfly Pavilion

LED lighting and custom sculptures are ablaze in light at the second annual “Living Lights” holiday lighting experience in Westminister, Colorado based Butterfly Pavilion.  The LED lighting was used at the event to promote habitat conservation and awareness about the natural and bio luminescence of insects and     invertebrates around the world. Blazen has partnered with the Butterfly Pavilion by providing the LED lighting and custom sculpture used in the center's conservatory and outdoor discovery garden. 

"The lighting was amazing and it brought the sculptures to life. It was like walking in a wonderland of light and insects. " said Nate Webb from Blazen Illuminations

The Lighting lit the entire building both indoors and out. It could be seem from three miles away along highway 36. The lighting was used to attract attention to the Butterfly Pavilion as well as enhance the entire event. The indoor conservatory an indoor jungle was lit like a story book. "Some guests even thought that it looked like the Pandora Jungle from the movie Avatar." said Nate

Blazen used custom laser cut steel patterns to place the sponsor logos on the building as well as project large patterns of butterflies, spiders, moths and more. It truly was a lighting spectacle to experience. 

It is a don't miss event each season. Check out the Butterfly Pavilion website for more information and updates to next seasons calendar. 

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 “What If” 

What if lighting could change the world. As humans our lives revolve around lighting, every moment is lit with natural and artificial light.   

High quality lighting makes all the difference. Better lighting will change your world in ways you don’t always understand. It can change your mood and alter your feelings about a place or experience. Lighting brightens your day and brings people closer together. 

The “What If” questions is the spark that leads to the blazing fire of innovation, invention, creation, and passion that has changed our lives since the beginning of time. At Blazen Illuminations that spark happens every day and we are excited to see what can happen as the fire takes over in our work.



What we do:
Blazen Illuminations mission is to change the world with lighting by creating dynamic and thoughtful LED lighting engineering and design, and provide knowledgeable and professional installation and integration services. 

Who we serve:
We serve a wide range of lighting industries from residential, industrial and commercial, entertainment and architectural, as well as automotive and marine. If it requires lighting we are here to serve you. 

As our world changes we need better solutions to our energy problems, the first thing we need to do is to use less energy. Lighting is our biggest consumer of energy, and LED lighting has quickly become the leader in meeting our energy reduction goals. By staying on the leading edge of future technologies we can create the future today.



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