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Video Mapping

Video Mapping is one of the fastest growing new forms of lighting. based upon the concept of bringing things to life, we create wonderfully immersive 3D environments by using non-traditional techniques, technology, and resources. Wrap images around corners or shape your images to odd shapes. Use multiple projectors to create composite images with 2D and 3D resolutions beyond 20 Megapixel and more.

The image above shows two projectors blended across two different shaped screens.

Virtual reality simulations of medical, industrial and flight are all possible with our mapping techniques and video systems.

Video Mapping is typically done with projections systems, however we also do it with LED matrix systems, LED pixels and traditional video displays for a wide range of effects and possibilities.


Video Lighting

Blazen is proud to introduce a new technique of in digital lighting. Video Lighting uses projection, LED matrix systems, video displays, and LED pixel systems to create light in a very unique way. Create lighting effects, bring architecture to life, add a touch of flair, immerse your environment in the media and create a whole new look and feel to traditional lighting applications.


Video Systems




Today's projections systems are capable of resolutions of over 7000 vertical lines, with high brightness outputs of over 32,000 lumens. Optional accessories are available to create anything your imagination can dream up.

Great uses of our video systems are:

Movie Theaters

Haunted Attractions
Theme Parks
Art Installations
Home Theater
and anywhere your imagination can take you.

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