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Our exclusive Blazen-NET technology offers our customers a total network based control platform with PC based servers, custom mobile applications, web based applications and local and internet web remote access. Blazen-NET is built to be a complete building automation system, controlling everything from thermostats, window coverings, home theater, traditional lighting, or whatever you want to control from remote. Blazen-NET can also integrate with existing building automation systems such as AMX, Crestron, Home Safe etc.  


Blazen-NET CPU

The core of the system is based upon a windows server and is integrated to our super fast gigabit communications network. Systems come complete with calendar scheduling, daylights saving clock, compatibility to most third party control devices, and full support of our applications and web based remotes.

Blazen-NET Communications Options

Choose from a wide range of input and output devices. Communicate with any lighting fixture, flow sensors, thermostats, proximity sensors, motor controls, and more. We can even customize controls to your unique needs.

Blazen-NET Enclosures

Protect your investment with our proven enclosures. Reliable enclosures for any application and any environment. Weather rated enclosures with heat, air conditioning, and humidity controls.

Blazen-NET Remotes

We provide an extensive compliment of remote control options. Customized web based remotes allow you to control your system from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection.

Mobile applications compatible with Windows 8, iOS, and Android.

Hardware remotes and control consoles for large lighting systems with live control.

Third party controls are also compatible with Blazen-NET. We connect wuickly and simply to AMX, Crestron, Home Smart, Johnson Controls, and most other automation systems on the market today.

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