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2012 - Additions to Living Lights a Swimming Success

Blazen Illuminations added three new displays to the living Lights display, now in its third year.

The new additions include a large ceiling installation of Jellies in Kelp, it consists of the Blazen-NET control system, Proclaim PixelDome, Proclaim CP336RGB Wall washers, and custom designed and fabricated sculptures all done by Blazen Illuminations.

In the conservatory the additions of Proclaim CP336RGB wall washers, Proclaim IG3 step lights, Blazen-NET CPU SA, and ten custom designed and fabricated fireflies and butterflies. The new features brightened the space and elevated the attraction to the top winter attraction in Colorado. 

Two large spider webs complete with five foot spiders were added outdoors. "They are a wonderful addition to the Discovery Garden light walk." Nate Webb CO-Owner Blazen Illuminations The scale of the sculptures of the entire display including the new spiders and webs is designed to shrink the audience down and bring the gardens back to life. 

Check out all the great new photos on our Facebook page as well as on the Butterfly Pavilion  website.




“What If” 

What if lighting could change the world. As humans our lives revolve around lighting, every moment is lit with natural and artificial light.   

High quality lighting makes all the difference. Better lighting will change your world in ways you don’t always understand. It can change your mood and alter your feelings about a place or experience. Lighting brightens your day and brings people closer together. 

The “What If” questions is the spark that leads to the blazing fire of innovation, invention, creation, and passion that has changed our lives since the beginning of time. At Blazen Illuminations that spark happens every day and we are excited to see what can happen as the fire takes over in our work.


What we do:
Blazen Illuminations mission is to change the world with lighting by creating dynamic and thoughtful LED lighting engineering and design, and provide knowledgeable and professional installation and integration services. 

Who we serve:
We serve a wide range of lighting industries from residential, industrial and commercial, entertainment and architectural, as well as automotive and marine. If it requires lighting we are here to serve you. 

As our world changes we need better solutions to our energy problems, the first thing we need to do is to use less energy. Lighting is our biggest consumer of energy, and LED lighting has quickly become the leader in meeting our energy reduction goals. By staying on the leading edge of future technologies we can create the future today.


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